Debunking myths that made me go vegan

You’ve probably heard plenty in the last two years, particularly, about veganism and its benefits for health, animals, and the environment. A significant portion of the U.S. population – over 7 million people according to recent estimates – identifies as vegetarian or vegan. The arguments are damning, I know. I started learning about vegetarianism in summer of 2016 and quickly switched over to ~99% plant-based for about 9 months. I first made the change for my health and the environment after being swayed by Netflix documentaries like Cowspiracy and Forks Over Knives. They were certainly eye-opening, but since then, I’ve found more research and theories about why veganism isn’t the best choice for protesting animal cruelty and global warming. The opposite of factory farming isn’t opting out completely, but supporting its counterpart. I preface this article by making it clear I respect all choices, and understand that veganism is tied into some religions, even. I’m setting out to debunk the myths that influenced my decision to eat plant-based in case anyone else out there is conflicted for the same reasons I was. Continue reading

Intuitive Eating: Intro + 7 Steps

A relatively new term for a millennia-spanning concept, intuitive eating can be described as a philosophy regarding nutrition that uses the body’s natural hunger and fullness cues and cravings to guide a person’s food choices. If you’re thinking Ha! If I did that I’d eat nothing but pasta and cake all day… I encourage you to read on and keep an open mind while I tell you a bit about the thing that has made me the healthiest and happiest I’ve ever been. Continue reading

Oh, So Organic

Organic is a term that is often misunderstood, or arguably, not understood at all by most people. There was a point in time when I didn’t know what the word meant beyond my assumption that if it was organic, it was healthy. But I had no idea why. Are you equally confused as I once was? This post will break it down for you; what does “organic” mean, and how does the wording imply the differences in products?

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Traditional Eating

I’m all about nutrient variety and eating what you feel you need to live a balanced, healthy lifestyle. But I also recognize that we’re bombarded with nutritional advice all day by so many media channels, so I’d like to plant a seed about foods that we could all benefit from adding to our diets.

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Forget Fat Fear

Figuring out what is good for us to eat and what we should avoid is a controversial and tricky subject. A pretty well-accepted recommendation, though, is the reduction/avoidance of saturated fat, a.k.a. animal fat, and dietary cholesterol intake. We’ve been told for decades that eating saturated fat is going to give us heart disease. Considering heart disease is the #1 killer of Americans, it’s no surprise that we’re all ears and willing to take that advice. Continue reading