About Am

Hello reader! And welcome to Wellness With Am. My name’s Amber, and I’ve created this space to compile and share the information I learn and stories I’ve experienced as part of my expedition toward total wellness. While naturopathy and holistic healing are my jam, I attend pharmacy school at UW-Madison because, well, real life. I’m also currently a student of the Nutritional Therapy Association to become a nutritional therapy practitioner. My ultimate goal is to use the abilities and education I acquire in this pursuit to build a small business that allows me to help patients with chronic health dis-ease. However, I’m so passionate about it that it would also be OK if it’s just my side-jam forever! Whatever this blog may bring, I hope to blend Western medicine and the setting I’ll work in as a pharmacist with the holistic and nutrition-based philosophies that have helped me grow and live my best, healthiest life. My current focuses can be captured in topics including nutritional healing, ditching the diet mentality, and practicing self-care. My hope is you find my content amusing, helpful, and eye-opening. I take a lot of inspiration from the Instagram community that most people are familiar with, but unfortunately, I know few people in real life who share my interests. With that, please never hesitate to reach out and connect with me regarding any comments, questions, or chat-worthy topics 🙂 Be well!